Spring Equinox Ceremony

March 21, 2022

Yá’át’ééh Dear Souls

Here I’m inviting you to be present at the "Spring Equinox" Online Meeting to have the great opportunity to get the Cosmic Knowledge through me.  

Ancient rituals and ceremonies to return to balance with the Cosmos and the planet Earth-Sun frequencies. From Sound and Light prayers and songs are raised to allow Consciousness to evolve in a more Awareness, profound and authentic way. 

The Equinoxes and Solstices are astronomical relationships between the Star and its orbiting Planet. They are cyclical phenomena that bring the Earth closer to and away from the Sun giving rise to the seasons as known today. The Sun activity orients the Earth in its dynamic cycles and the latter greatly influences all forms of life. 

In the Equinoxes Daylight and Night have same duration. Transient situation of dynamic and physiological balances that are stimulated in the Dances and Songs during the celebration by the Humans. Prayers and herbs are also offered during the Ceremony. 

Native American Diné celebrate these days also as the Beginning of each New Solar Cycle for each season where the Spirit and Body are balanced with the Emotions and Mind to be in harmony with the Creation. 

In the Rituals:

  • Cosmic Knowledge - Why Sun-Earth phases and what happens to the Living Being and the effects on the Living Beings. 

  • Human Beings – Each Equinox has power on emotions, psychological, mental, physical and spiritual fields. Every Ritual is tuning with those powers to have a guided trail into the sacred aim to give you empowering for to understand who you are. 

  • Prayers - Medicine Song of Heal the Aura and tuning with the Sun fluxes; Blessing and Healing Prayer.  

  • Practice – Meditation; Breathing Methods to awake Consciousness and stimulate the Pineal and pituitary glands, Cerebellum. 


When: March 21, 2022 at 6 pm

What you need: a white crystal and a white candle

Duration: 2h in English with optional translation in Spanish, Italian, German, French! 

Online ceremony via Zoom: you will receive the zoom link by mail after purchase


35,00 €